Okto grows in Romania after SelfPay venture

Okto has enlarged in Romania through a link-up with SelfPay that will provide registered gambling players the ability to create their account seamlessly without leaving their cellular program.

The cooperation is likely to create the Okto.Cash company a physical-to-digital payment system letting them top-up their online gambling accounts with money, available around the SelfPay community of nearly 6,000 payment channels throughout the nation.

Dragos Dila, manager of business development in SelfPay, stated:”From today’s pandemic instances, when many accredited gambling organisers are facing issues caused mainly from the constraints enforced by the authorities, the partnership involving SelfPay and Okto, has a remedy. 

“During our nation-wide system of nearly 6.000 SelfPay payment channels, players all over the country may safely create their online accounts with money.”

Integrated to the retailers’ program or website, Okto.Cash supplies users with an immediate procedure to upload money on the internet, without needing to register as much as a third party services. Users choose to pay with support in the retailer’s program or website, select the deposit amount, choose the closest SelfPay place and top-up their accounts , in real time.

Liviu Popovici, Romania state representative in OktConclusion, remarked:”People expect to get gratified instantly in the modern electronic and mobile-first Earth, and it is just what we do using Okto.Cash. 

“We enable customers to top-up their internet accounts , safely and in real time by paying into a searchable POS network. And since this partnering POS system is always growing in key locations throughout the area, then will immediately exude success.

“We’re pleased to deliver to this marketplace our newest seamless payment merchandise and our partnership with all SelfPay will let us offer the internet operators using an agile, adaptable and prepared to go alternative” 

The remedy can be found through Betano as a branded payment alternative titled Betano.Cash, whereas the team provides that”many regional online operators are all set to offer you the Okto.Cash remedy for their users at the approaching weeks”.